About Us

Hi there, and thank you for visiting our website. My name is Rosemary, and I am the creator of The Original Lobster Nativity Scene. I was born in a small town in England and traveled to the U.S on The Queen Mary. Years later, I settled on Cape Cod, I have always had a profound love and connection with the sea, so this was the perfect spot for me to settle.
In the early 70’s I worked as an offshore "seascalloper,” spending 7-10 days at a time at sea. Through this journey, I was exposed to many different forms of fishing. This is very unusual for a woman, especially at this time. After many years of this "at-sea lifestyle,” I settled down and picked up my art supplies. I had so many vivid memories from my time at sea that I was able to bring them to life through drawing and painting.
One Christmas, I was sitting at my home on the Cape, and I realized that there was a scarcity of the different types of Nativity sets. That’s when it came to me: the Lobster Nativity Scene. I wanted to create something that was representative of New England, the place that had become my home over the years. I thought to myself, What could be better than lobsters? With my background in the arts I was able to draw up my ideas of how these would look, adding whimsical features to the lobsters while bringing joy to people at Christmas. As I was creating these, a wonderful sense of spiritual magic was born. The Lobster Nativity Set was created.

With the help of 52Launch and Chris Alfonso, we have been able to produce enough Lobster Nativity sets to be able to make it more affordable to you, and hopefully be a part of your home this holiday. You can find us this holiday season at The Holiday Market in Seaport @SNOWPORT.
In 2023, Christopher Alfonso took ownership of the Lobster Nativity brand and has worked tirelessly to introduce to the world the 2023 Version of Lobster Nativity. In addition to the 2023 Version of Lobster Nativity, ornaments are now part of the Lobster Nativity Family. 🦞